Again Hovering League lives in Egypt

Again Hovering League lives in Egypt

Again Hovering League lives in Egypt

Again Hovering League lives in Egypt

Cairo – At least 22 people died in the stadium, in an Egyptian League match between Zamalek and ENPPI. This incident extend melancholy story Pyramid country’s football.

The incident reportedly stems from the chaos at the entrance Air Defense Stadium, which is located east of the city of Cairo. Mentioned that the current Zamalek supporters attempted to break into watching the game, then responded with repression by security forces.

The BBC reported tear gas and guns were fired in the direction of the wind fans crowding. The fans themselves forced to enter the stadium reply to the charges, the accused security forces trigger it because it only opens the door only.

“Suddenly, the security forces began firing tear gas and air rifle to the rest,” said an eyewitness as reported BBC’s Orla Guerin.

Riots ensued and enlarged over the barbed wire fence collapsed hit by a crowd of supporters. It is reported that the shoes were scattered at the scene into evidence chaos. The chaos that makes the fans began to fall and crushed each other.

“We take people away. In order to save them trampled to death,” added the other witnesses.

This incident recalled a similar tragedy three years ago in which 74 fans died in a match.

The security forces then act to hunt supporters of hardline group leaders Zamalek, known as Ultras White Knight. The relationship between supporters and security forces, certainly tapered.

Since 2011 ago, when the political upheaval, the relationship between the two camps it is heated. At that time, a group of hard-line supporters hold a big role to help the people of Egypt to overthrow the government of Hosni Mubarak’s authoritarian regime. This is where the starting point of tension with the security forces.

Is a hard-line supporters who bravely stood at the forefront of clashes with security forces. They also were invited Egyptian society to move without fear, even teach you how to beat back the police.

History also recorded for the first time when the number of groups opposing supporters were able to fight together, united with the people of Egypt. Until now, the relationship these groups of supporters and security forces more heat.



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