Lung Problems Delay Comeback Siem de Jong

Lung Problems Delay Comeback Siem de Jong

Lung Problems Delay Comeback Siem de Jong

Lung Problems Delay Comeback Siem de Jong

Newcastle – Siem de Jong still have to wait much longer to get back in action along with Newcastle United. Cause problems in the lungs makes the Dutch midfielder had surgery and missed eight weeks.

De Jong had just played twice for Newcastle in the league since it was purchased from Ajax Amsterdam last summer. Since last August he was struggling with a thigh injury that kept him long languished in the treatment room.

The plan earlier this year is De Jong was able to play again, but the dream was back to be delayed due to long on his health problems recurred ie pneumothorax, a condition where the lungs collapse and no air leaks into the space between the lung and the chest wall.

This also makes De Jong had to undergo surgery to remove the tightness in his chest and after the 26-year-old player had to rest for about two months.

Inevitably conditions have made De Jong frustrated because he never could perform with Newcastle, and demonstrate its performance on the pitch.

“After working hard for four months to be able to restore these conditions, this clearly as ketikdakberuntungan,” said De Jong in the official website of the Magpies.

“We all hope that with the operation this week so we can be sure I will not have similar problems in the future,” he continued.

“Obviously it’s disappointing for me personally, especially when I felt I could go back in time and body condition is fine. I apologize to my colleagues, clubs, and our fans that I should be absent for a somewhat longer time again. ”

“I am eager to be back stronger than ever as soon as possible. Thank you for all your support,” said De Jong.



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