Nobody euphoria, Chelsea Not Lulled League Cup Trophy

Nobody euphoria, Chelsea Not Lulled League Cup Trophy

Nobody euphoria, Chelsea Not Lulled League Cup Trophy

Nobody euphoria, Chelsea Not Lulled League Cup Trophy

London – Four days after Chelsea won the English League Cup trophy, they face West Ham United in the Premier League. Fitting for the Blues in a very positive atmosphere, but Jose Mourinho still on full alert.

Chelsea had just won his first title of the season after defeating Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday (03/01/2015) yesterday. This success clearly be a great moral injection navigates the rest of the season, especially when they are still likely to achieve two other titles: the Premier League and Champions League.

They will then travel to West Ham on Thursday (5/3) morning later. Victory in this game would give enormous pressure on Manchester City who followed in second place, after the Citizens lost last weekend.

Collecting the value of 60, the distance between John Terry et al. The City is still five points. But to have a stash one more game remaining, west London children could widen the difference to eight digits.

After West Ham, Chelsea and then will undergo a second leg match of the Champions League last 16 counter Paris Saint-Germain at Stamford Bridge, the middle of next week. Takes away goals after a 1-1 draw in the first leg, Chelsea were diunggulan qualify.

With new facts earned, owned by Roman Abramovich’s team was believed to be able to bulldoze the two parties, armed with a positive atmosphere. Mourinho did not dismiss if the team besutannya enjoy new titles won the League Cup, but also confirms not swayed.

The Portuguese manager even mention success in the League Cup would not be too significant effect on the team looked at the rest of the season, mainly of the two closest matches.

“We just feel happy. Everyone likes to win the competition. I think the players are very happy, but the fun is still normal. Nothing more than that,” Mourinho told the club’s official website.

“I really do not know (if the title affect the team). I do not feel in the final defeat will create a negative aura that will affect us in the Premier League and the Champions League,” he continued.

“Likewise, I do not feel this victory brings us to heaven and everything so beautifully for us now. We face big and difficult game tomorrow. And we also had a great game and it’s hard on next week in the Champions League,” said the man 52 this year.



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