Happy Birthday PSSI, May Longevity

Happy Birthday PSSI, May Longevity

Happy Birthday PSSI, May Longevity

Happy Birthday PSSI, May Longevity

Jakarta – Just a reminder for those who still do not know how old the current PSSI. On this day, April 19, 2015, the national football organization is turning 85 years old.

Older even than the age of the republic.

And just yesterday, the state or the government, through the Ministry of Youth and Sports, states did not recognize all the activities of this organization.

What kind of birthday present is this?

Long story, my friend. Throughout the twists and turns of our football trip, about the past, glory, darkness, cheers, curses, sweat, tears, blood. Then hope.

Buya Hamka said, “do not be afraid to fall, because that never clinging who never fell. Do not be afraid to fail, because that never fails only people who have never stepped. Do not be afraid of, because the first mistake we can add knowledge to find the right path in the second step. ”

In the last few years our football is dominated by scenes that are not pleasant to eat. Tangled continue, fuss only. Is that good neighbors to know? Ah, is not a football game footage of elephants we have also been aired in foreign media there? Ah, is not the case of the death of Diego Mendieta also had reached the ears of the international?

Yes Yes. Not everything like that. There remains the stories of heroism, inspiration, pride, which makes us still can clap chest and head erect.

But, comrades, we live in today, and good luck can still feel the future with our grandchildren. There must be a fairy tale to be told to children prick us, do not you? There must be a fairy tale of good heart, rather than instill in our children’s head with stories genderuwo devil who likes wandering in the cemetery.

Something is wrong in the management of football here, in the island nation’s population of hundreds of millions of people. Are football-important affairs in this country, unfocused to explain. But it’s too noisy for the country is also being painstakingly reached the name of justice and welfare.

Again, say, about our children and grandchildren later. Our children who every afternoon just playing ball just works, with ball bearing clothes Messi, Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Rooney, in tow. Children’s dreams.

Happy birthday, PSSI. Wish you long life. Hope for the better. Hopefully football can delight our kids someday.

At three in the afternoon the streets were not so
I see little kids topless
Barefoot fun chasing the ball
I approached I went up and sat on the ground
In order to more clearly see and feel
They sweat their spirit
In winning the game
Kadir tiny little Ramang
Dribble streets
Ruly small small Riky
Twists jebolkan wicket
Goalposts debris
The rest of the buildings were displaced
Terrain just stay story
Eyes that look just the braggart only
Child city can not afford to buy shoes
Children do not have a city terrain
Football became an expensive item
Belongs to those who have the money alone
And while we are here
In this way
Foot ball of plastic
Kicked popped into the sky
Already broke the window glass heart
Because hit the ball is certainly not one of them
Rony small small Hery
Samba style handed the ball
Juki small Nobon small
Jegal opponent’s goal secured
Small cipto small Iswadi
Not tik tik not stepped on a nail
Yudo small small Paslah
Terkam ball fell cry



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